Slots 3 to 16 (Edit system settings)

Slots 3 to 16 are different to Slots 1 and 2. They are fully configurable and allow you to create new job positions that will be used on this workflow system.

In the text field alongside the slot name you should give your position a suitable name, once the position is active this name will appear towards the top left corner of the job card (along with the initials of the current occupant) and as a filter on the jobs report (workflows menu).

If you want to be able to manually change the occupant via a drop down box then you shall also need a job field (of type job position). If you want this position to default to one of your client fields then you shall need to set the Initial value setting on the job field. Both of these concepts are discussed in more detail here.

The settings for each slot mean the following:

Not active The position is not in used and will not appear anywhere in the system.
Options/Compulsory At present there is no difference between optional and compulsory (still  in development). Both of these options will make the job position active. It will appear in all the places listed below.
Optional or Compulsory / Filter Choosing an option with filter selected will mean that the job position appears as a filter on the jobs report (in the workflows drop down menu).

Optional or Compulsory +/ Filter+sheet

Choosing an option with filter + sheet will mean that the job position appears as both a filter and also a column in the results on the jobs report list. 
An active job position will appear in the following places:
  • On the job card for all jobs in that workflow system (job positions are shared by all sub-systems and all routes).
  • As a filter and result column on the job report (subject to the settings above).
  • As a recipient choice when configuring e-mail/SMS messages sent either via workflow action or alert.
  • As an option in the Set job holder workflow action.
  • As an option in the Set job position to a user workflow action.
  • As data in a webhook trigger, where triggered by a workflow action.
  • As an option for outputting data or filtering by data in the jobs database query engine.
  • As an option in the standard Turnaround report.

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