What is a default workflow route (Sub-system).

Where you have more than one workflow route in a sub-system you can select one of those routes to be the default. When a new client is created they will be set to use this route unless you choose a different option on the Create client screen.

You can change the route that a client uses at anytime, either on the client card or in bulk using the Excel import tool. Doing so will not change the route for jobs that already exist but all future job creation will be on the new route.

This concept is most applicable for recurring workflow systems because jobs create automatically on the selected route. Where you have multiple routes in an ad-hoc workflow system then you can choose the relevant route when creating the job by clicking the appropriate button on the client card.

If you wish to change the default route setting then do consider the impact on any clients that are set to use the default as they will change to the new default. If you do not want these clients to change route selection then you should change their route selection to specifically this route, which is different to being set to use the 'Default' setting. Again you can either do this individually on the client card or in bulk using the Excel import tool.

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