What is the regular preparer field?

On our workflow templates we always include a custom client field (staff type) called the Regular preparer. We also set up a job position called Preparer and on job creation we will set the preparer to be whoever occupies the Regular preparer field at the time of job creation.

The idea here is that you can optionally place a staff member into this field for any client to reflect the fact that they will complete that work each time, you then do not need to allocate the job to them manually. If work is not allocated for a client you can just leave this field blank and the preparer position on the job will be blank.

Note that whilst we set up the templates with a Regular preparer field for each workflow system, you can set any number of job position on any number of workflow systems to default to the same client field. For example if a single staff member completes all the work types for a client they could be entered into a single client field and all preparer posiitons could default to this field. You could also just use the standard Manager or Partner fields which work this way automatically.

These options are discussed further in this guide to Staff allocation.

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