How to de-link client partner and/or manager from a workflow system.

If you are using the standard Partner and Manager fields then the users occupying these positions will automatically be placed into job positions on all workflow systems, this is discussed in more detail here.

You might however decide that you do not wish to be linked to some workflow systems. If this is the case then you can switch off this automatic linking behaviour - to do this follow the guidance in note 1 here (this is the same link as above).

If you already have jobs where the partners and managers have been automatically placed into the job positions on jobs, prior to changing the setting, then you would want to 'empty' these job positions to sever the link. To do this use the bulk job allocation tool for the relevant workflow system. Set the first dropdown to the partner/manager position as appropriate, set the second drop down to 'Nobody' - the bulk allocation tool is discussed further here.

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