How to use the bulk staff allocation tool

If you need to change either the job holder or the occupant of a job position on lots of jobs you can do quickly using the bulk staff allocation tool.

To use it follow these steps:

  1. Click on the workflows menu.
  2. Click on the [system name] jobs report for the appropriate workflow system.
  3. You may wish to press the reset filters button (top right corner) this will ensure no filters are set and will show you all active jobs.
  4. Use any filters to filter down the list of jobs to those you wish to update in bulk.
  5. Scroll down slightly until  you see the Bulk staff allocation operations green button, if it is hidden click show to open the tool.
  6. Make your settings in the drop down fields as follows:
    1. In operation choose which job position/job holder you wish to update.
    2. In set to choose which staff member you wish to allocate to the position/holder to. You can also choose blank to empty the position/holder and where setting the job holder you can choose pool.
    3. In where you can optionally choose a staff member/pool/nobody to filter down  the jobs to only update those based upon the current occupant.
  7. Click the green execute button to make the change.
  8. A pop up box will advise how many jobs will be effected, click yes if you are happy to proceed.
  9. A pop  up box will confirm when the changes have been made, click OK to continue and the results will be refreshed automatically.
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