When is a job marked as complete?

A job is marked as complete when it reaches a stage that is allocated to a job stage group that itself is marked as an End Zone. Where you have multiple sub-jobs then all of them will need to reach an appropriate stage in order for the overall job to be considered complete.

When creating/configuring your stages you will allocate each stage to a job stage group. You'll need to have at least one of these groups designated as the End Zone. You can have more than one group designated as such, though there is unlikely to be a need for multiple end zone groups.

You can read how to create a new job stage group here.

Once a job reaches a stage that is allocated to an End Zone group then it will be marked complete, this means:

  • The job card will have a green tick at the top.
  • No progress buttons will be visible on the job card.
  • You won't see an undo button either, though you can make the job active again.
  • The job will be removed from the vast majority of dashboard widgets.
  • Most alerts will no longer send (though you can configure alerts to send regardless of job completion).
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