What is a Job stage group?

All stages are allocated to a stage group, stage groups are fully configurable.

The reason for providing stage groups is to allow two perspective on job progress. Where you have a lot of stages in a complex workflow then widgets such as the progress monitor [by stage] will show one row per stage. If certain users wish to see a more big picture overview of job progress then they could opt to include the progress monitor [by group] instead.

For example if a workflow has 20 stages but only 4 stage groups then the by group progress monitor widget would be a more big picture overview.

Stages on the job card are ordered first by the order of the groups they are in and the group name is shown above the stages.

The jobs report includes a filter for the current stage of a job which offers a list of both stages and groups.

One (or multiple, though one is typically sufficient) of your job stage groups will be a End zone. This fulfils an important role in Glide; when a job reaches a stage that is allocated to an End Zone group then the job is marked as complete. If you have a system will multiple sub-systems then once all sub-jobs have reached a stage that is allocated to an end zone group then the job is marked as complete.

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