Workflow action: Auto job progression IF another sub-job's stage order is >= x

This workflow action allows you to configure Glide to automatically take a further workflow step, immediately after the step on which the action is triggered has been taken.

It is identical to the Automatic job progression workflow action except that it has a filter to only trigger the automatic job progression where the current stage order is greater than or equal to x (a value you can specify). For this reason you would only ever use this workflow action when you have > 1 sub-system and you are looking to auto progress either sub-job but want to filter this to only happen based upon the current stage order of a different sub-job to the one you have the workflow action on.

You would never have this workflow action triggered on sub-job A and auto-progressing sub-job A, this is because you know the current stage order, it is the order value of the to stage of the step that triggers the action. So in this case the action offers no benefit over the standard auto job progression action.

A great example for this workflow action would be where you have a sub-system for Year End Accounts and a sub-system for Corporation Tax. You might click a Ready to finalise progress button on the Accounts and progress to a stage called Awaiting CT sign off where the job shall remain until such a time as the CT job is finalised (a traffic light: minimum order workflow action can enforce this!). This workflow action allows you to automatically progress beyond this stage where the CT has already been signed off. 

The options you will need to set here are:

  1. Sub-system: Select the sub-system you wish to check the stage order of. In the above example this would be Corporation tax.
  2. Stage order: Type in the stage order you wish to filter by. You can see your stage orders on the elements tab. The workflow action will progress the job where the job is on a stage with a stage order of this exact value or above.
  3. Step to take: Here you select the step you would wish to take. Steps from all sub-systems and all routes will be visible, your selection here determines which sub-job is progressed.
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