Workflow action: Automatic job progression

This workflow action allows you to automatically progress along another workflow step(s) when the step triggering the workflow action is complete. You can progress the very same job or another sub-job on the same job. So for example if you had a two sub-system workflow with sub-systems for both Year End Accounts and Corporate tax then you could automatically progress either sub-job. You can not progress a separate job on the same client.

The options you will need to set here are:

  1. Sub-system: You can choose the sub-system you wish to automatically progress the sub-job on. In cases where a job does not have this sub-job active then the workflow action is ignored.
  2. Filter based on current job location: This allows you to filter the workflow action to only apply where the job is on a specific stage. The option Move it wherever it is means no filtering will be applied. This filter is useful only where you are automatically progressing a sub-job for a different sub-system because on the same sub-system you will know that the job will be on the to stage of the progress button you are adding the workflow action to. Some example uses are listed below.
  3. Progress button to auto-press: Here you can choose which progress button to automatically press. The system will first complete the progress button that the user is pressing (i.e. the button on which you are adding this workflow action) and will then automatically press this button next.


1 - Multi sub-system:

A common example for a 2 sub-system workflow is to separate Accounts and Corporate tax. Here you might have some stages that are identical for example 'Reviewed by manager'. You can have a progress button on one of the workflows that automatically progresses the same stage on the other workflow. Here we would recommend you set the workflow action to only progress if the Corporate Tax is on the correct stage.

2 - Showing extra dates on the job card

In our Glide templates whenever we are waiting for information or approval from a client or any 3rd party we always have two progress buttons on the stage, one to record a chase (loops on the stage) and on to record the information (etc) being received (moves onto latter stage). Pressing either of these buttons will record an actual date alongside the stage on the job card therefore we would typically have the milestone achieved reading 'Information chased/received', i.e. to cover all possibilities.

Some prefer to see the milestone text 'Information chased' and then 'Information received' separately with dates alongside each. You can achieve this with an auto-move workflow action. To do this continue to have an Information received button on the Awaiting info stage that also has an information chased button. Have your next stage also called Awaiting information with the milestone text Information received.  

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