How to add a new workflow step.

If you wish to add an entirely new stage to a workflow then you should see this article, the notes below show you how to add another progress button (aka: a workflow step) to a workflow. You would do this where you require another button/option that users can press to record what has happened on a job.

For example on a stage such as Awaiting review you might currently see a single blue progress button Reviewed which progresses the job onto the stage To send to client. You might want a second option such as Review points to clear which sends the job back to an earlier stage In progress. In this example you do not need a new stage, you simply need a new progress button.

This is also covered in this video:

To add a new progress button:

  1. Click on the Config menu (superuser access required).
  2. Click on Edit workflow systems.
  3. Drill into the relevant system using the pencil icon to the right of the system name.
  4. Click on the Routes tab.
  5. If you have multiple routes, choose the route you wish to update in the Select workflow route dropdown.
  6. Scroll down to the visual workflow editor and find the stage (stages are the blue rectangles) that you wish the step to go from. You will see your new step as an option when the job is on this stage. Click on the + icon to add a new step that goes from this stage.
  7. Enter the required details:
    1. Progress button name: This is the text users will see in the button on the job cards. It is capped at 40 characters.
    2. Description: This is what users will see when they hover over the progress button. It is capped at 120 characters.
    3. From stage: This will have been completed for you.
    4. To stage: This is the stage you want the job to go to when the button is pressed. It can be any stage including the same as the from stage (for example if you wanted a button to loop on the same stage, to record an actual date and/or to trigger workflow actions). You can also choose Create new stage to create a new stage.
    5. Visibility (by user): This allows you to restrict the visibility of the button to certain users.
    6. Visibility (job state): This allows you to restrict the visibility of the button to certain job states.
  8. Click Save. The visual editor will refresh and you will see your step (steps are the grey rectangles). The progress button will instantly be visible on any job cards that are on the from stage you selected, including any existing jobs.
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