What is a workflow step?

The steps in a workflow route control which stage a job goes to both when it is created and subsequently whenever you press a blue progress button. When creating or editing a step you choose a from stage and a to stage. If your job is on the stage 'Awaiting preparation' (for example) and there are four steps that go from Awaiting preparation then you will see four blue progress buttons on the job card. If you push one of those buttons then the stage that job is on will be updated to whichever to stage is set for that step.

Workflow actions such as changing the current job holder, setting target dates and sending e-mail messages are linked to a specific step and will be triggered when the step is run.

In addition to all of the blue progress buttons that you see on your job card there are two special steps on each workflow route.

1) The job creation step has no from stage because it is run when the job is created, you simply decide on the to stage and the job will be on this stage when it is created.

2) The taken from pool step has no to stage. It is run when a user clicks on the take button on the pool screen. It will simply trigger workflow actions and does not seek to change the current stage of the job (though you could use an auto-drive workflow action to move the job stage), typically the actions will both set the current user to a job position and set them as the job holder (which has the effect of removing the job from the pool).

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