What is a Glide deadline and what options do you have?

A deadline in Glide specifically refers to a statutory deadline, i.e. a date that applies equally to a group of individuals/organisations and is enforced in law. We completely distinguish deadlines from target dates which hold the internal deadlines for completion of work and which are at the discretion of the business/client relationship.

When creating a deadline you simply select the deadline from a dropdown list. Glide has been programmed to be able to calculate in excess of 90 statutory deadlines covering the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Gibraltar and various European VAT regulations. We also offer some generic deadline calculations such as last working day etc.

Deadlines that are relevant to a job will be calculated at the point of job creation and will immediately appear on relevant deadline widgets on dashboards. Deadlines have to be included on the workflow route in order to be calculated.

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