How to add a deadline to a route.

You can create new deadlines and add as many deadlines as you need to every workflow system. To do this follow the steps below.

Note that as part of Glide's mission to create a bullet proof workflow management system for Accountants we control the calculation of deadlines; therefore, when creating a new deadline you are offered a list of deadlines to choose from. Users can not change a deadline date on a job card. The deadline options cover the vast majority of compliance activities we have encountered in each country we have customers. Missing/new statutory deadlines can be added on request.

We also offer some generic options such as last day of month, last working day of next month etc. These are often helpful for services such as management accounts which do not have a statutory deadline but which do need a firm date over and above a target date.

For all 'internal deadlines' such as let's turn around tax returns in 60 working days etc you should be using our target dates system.

We have found creating this clear distinction between a statutory deadline and internal deadline very helpful in ensuring a successful implementation.

  1. Click on the config menu (Superuser access required).
  2. Click on Edit workflow systems.
  3. Drill into the relevant workflow system by clicking on the pencil icon alongside the name.
  4. Click on the Elements tab.
  5. Scroll down to Deadlines and click on the New: Deadline button.
  6. Complete the details:
    1. The Name will appear on the job card to identify the deadline, e.g. Corporate tax filing and in various widgets.
    2. Choose which deadline calculation you wish to use (there is a frequently updated list here).
    3. Visibility (list) confirms whether the deadline should appear as a column on the jobs report, as a filter or as both. If you are not sure just choose both, you would only hide deadlines where you jobs report has too many columns or filters showing.
    4. Visibility (card) allows you to show or hide the deadline on the job card based upon the current job status. Again unless you are working on a more complex workflow you would just choose All. Note that hiding a deadline does not delete it, this is just a way to simplify the job card whilst the information is not relevant.
    5. The Client filter allows you to set the deadline to only exist on jobs for certain client types. Where a job exists for a different client type the deadline will not generate. This is only available for our UK client types at present. The options are:-
      1. All clients -> this is the default setting, no filtering takes place.
      2. Ltd/PLC -> the deadline will only exist on Private or Public Limited Companies.
      3. Ltd/PLC/LLP/Charity Company -> the deadline will only exist on these 4 types, this is used in our Accounts & CT template to only generate the Companies House filing deadline on relevant client types, it allows unincorporated clients to use the same workflow without getting an unnecessary deadline.
      4. Charity -> Will only exist on Charity and Incorporated Charity clients. Typically used to allow you to incorporate the Charity Commission filing deadline on your standard Accounts workflow.
      5. Pension -> Will only exist on Pension Scheme clients.
      6. Club -> Will only exist on Club clients.
      7. Corporation tax = Yes -> Deadline only exists where the special 'Corporation tax' field on the client is set to yes. This is to allow you to only generate the CT600 filing and Corporation Tax payment deadlines where required, again it allows unincorporated clients to use the same Accounts workflow without getting an unnecessary deadline.
    6. Completion on allows you to set a specific stage or job field (boolean or date types only) as being the point when the deadline is deemed to be completed. Once the job passes through the stage, when a date is entered into the field or the yes/no field is set to yes then the deadline will have a visible green tick on the job card and will be deemed to be complete. The deadline will be removed from all deadline widgets on dashboards.
    7. The order value simply dictates the order in which deadlines are listed where you have more than one on a job card.
  7. Click the blue save button.
  8. The deadline will automatically be added to any workflow routes.
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