Widget - Upcoming/outstanding deadlines

The upcoming and outstanding deadlines widgets are very similar, the only distinction is that the outstanding deadlines widget includes deadlines that are outstanding AND overdue where as the upcoming deadlines widget only shows deadlines that are outstanding AND dated either today or in the future.


Both of the widgets show information about deadlines on the Glide system that have yet to be completed, showing the following data:

  • Client shows the client name, hyperlinked to the client card.
  • Deadline type shows the deadline name.
  • Period end will show the job date (e.g. the Year End, Pay day etc), hyperlinked to the job card.
  • Deadline date shows the all important (for these widgets) date of the deadline.

The results are ordered first by the deadline date and then by the job date.

This widget is a list and so can be resized using the + and - icons, this allows you to make the list longer or shorter.

This widget has the i filter (top right corner) which can be used to filter the results, read about the options here.


  • A deadline remains incomplete until it either gets deleted or a green completion tick, if you allow a job to be completed with an incomplete deadline, the deadline will remain visible in these widgets until you correct this position. The Glide system would never make an assumption that a deadline is complete, you need to set up workflows that ensure this happens. Read more about this here.
  • Don't call all your deadlines 'Filing deadline' else it will be hard to distinguish them in these widgets and elsewhere, make some reference to the context such as 'Accounts filing'.
  • Read how to add new deadlines here.
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