How to change the filter level of a dashboard widget.

Once you have added a widget to your dashboard you can, in most cases, change the filter level. This will effect the number of job you see in the widget.

You will see either three or four options, as follows:

  1. Overall: This is typically the default setting, this will show all data on the Glide system (jobs, deadlines, targets etc) that meets the criteria of the specific widget. No filtering will take place based on the user viewing the widget.
  2. Office: This option is available where you have multiple offices set up on your Glide system. In this case the widget will filter the information down to only show information about clients (and clients' jobs) where the client is linked to the office that you are a member of.
  3. Linked: This option will filter down the results to only show information about jobs where you are linked to the job. You are linked to any job whilst you are occupying any job position on the job. This is the most popular option and is very useful in examples such as portfolio/client managers who are responsible for a list of clients, it allows these users to maintain full visibility on their clients jobs even when not working on them.
  4. Held: This option will filter down the results to only show information about jobs where you are the current job holder. This option can be useful if you want a widget to be highly focused on your current personal workload and do not wish to retain visibility on the job (in this specific widget) once you are no longer the job holder.

To change the filter level you need to click on the i icon towards the top right corner of the widget. This is not available on all widgets as in some cases, such as with the 'Jobs held' widget, the widget is specifically looking at one particular filter level.


  • Team members with no managerial responsibility for clients who might for example prepare the accounts and hold the job for these stages are still generally better off filtering widgets to the linked setting. Assuming they have been selected in the preparer or similar position it allows them to retain visibility over the jobs they have worked on even during the finalisation stages. This tends to work well and encourages all team members to be alert to job priorities and upcoming target/deadline dates.
  • Don't forget you can have the same widget on a dashboard multiple times, logically with different filter levels set. You can also have the same widget on different dashboards. For example a client manager who also has practice manager responsibilities might have one dashboard focused on his/her portfolio (linked setting) and one dashboard focused on the practice (overall setting).
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