What is a workflow system?

Workflow systems are the main building blocks of your Glide system. You will want to have one workflow system for each service or process you wish to track for example the preparation of management accounts or the onboarding of a new client. 

Whilst deciding how many workflow systems you need you should also familiarise yourself with the concept of a sub-system. On some occasions, you will be better off having a single workflow system with multiple sub-systems as opposed to multiple workflow systems.

When you create a Glide system a series of template workflow systems will already exist, you can see a list of these by clicking on the workflows menu, every active workflow system will be listed in this menu. To add new workflow systems you would follow articles such as this example. You will also see your list of workflow systems on every client card, on the tabs down the left-hand side. However, do bear in mind that some workflow systems will be set to appear only on individuals or organisations. On the client card, green and red tabs indicate recurring workflow systems, those that are not green or red are manual initiation (aka ad-hoc) workflow systems.

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