How to deactivate a workflow on a client.

To deactivate a workflow on a client follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the relevant client card (either by searching on the name or code or by clicking on the client name where ever you see it).
  • Click on the Workflow systems tab.
  • Your recurring workflows will be highlighted in green (indicating it is active on this client) or red (indicating not active).
  • Click on the appropriate active (green) workflow system.
  • You'll then see the name of the system and the word Active. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the word Active.
  • In the pop up box change the selection from Active to Not active and then click Save.
  • Remember, if your workflow has multiple sub-systems - you will need to deactivate all the active sub-system to prevent future job creation.

Once a workflow has been deactivated, no future jobs will be created for that client on that sub-system.

You can re-activate a workflow at any time, if you do this at a future date, be sure to update the trigger date to ensure the next job to created is the correct one.

If you have lots of clients to deactivate, this can be done in bulk using the Excel import tool.

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