How to update clients in bulk using the Excel import tool.

In addition to importing new clients you can also use the Excel import tool to update existing clients in bulk.

General guidance for how to use the Excel import tool is available here.

Whether the Glide system creates a new client or updates an existing client is determined on a row by row basis and is based upon the contents of Column A UniqueID. Where the import tool detects a new UniqueID (aka Client code), i.e. one that does not yet exist in the Glide system, then it will create a new client. Where the import tool detects an existing UniqueID then it will instead update that client.

When using the tool to update clients we recommend you follow these tips for best practice:

  1. Remember that a UniqueID exists in Glide even if the client status is lost or deleted. If you enter the UniqueID of a deleted client then the import tool will update that client's record. If you wish to re-use the UniqueID of a deleted client a superuser needs to search for the client in Glide, restore it, change the code and then delete it again.
  2. Remember that UniqueIDs need to be unique across all clients and contacts in the Glide system.
  3. You can choose to download the Excel import tool complete with all of your existing data, this can help because it gives you a list of clients and their UniqueIDs and can also help identify any missing data that you may wish to then import using the tool. Note that where a client is using the default setting to determine whether a recurring workflow system is active or not and where a client is allocated to the default route, then there will be no value visible in the Exported data.
  4. When re-importing you of course must populate column A (UniqueID); however, all other columns are optional. More importantly leaving a column blank WILL NOT delete any existing data contained in the field. You can not use the Excel import tool to bulk delete data.
  5. Where you download the spreadsheet with data but populate/update only certain columns of data, you should delete the data from all other columns (i.e. those you are not populating/updating). Do not delete the column in full (this will break the import), just delete the existing data from the cells. This is to avoid the risk that time could pass in between you downloading the sheet and uploading the modified sheet, in this time the live data may change and you would inadvertently revert the field/setting to the older data. This is particularly a risk for trigger fields that of course roll forward automatically when jobs create.
  6. When you import the sheet for preview the Glide system will tell you how many client will be created and how many will be updated. Check this in detail before confirming the import to ensure you have used UniqueIDs where you intended to create new clients.
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