How to switch jobs from a departing staff member to a new staff member

When a staff member leaves remember to set them to departed so they can no longer access Glide. To complete step 2 here you would need the user to be active so you would either do this before setting them to departed or you could temporarily switch them back to active to do this.

In some cases you may wish to transfer their entire client allocations and current workload to a new staff member. This article describes what is currently the quickest way to do this. In the future we hope to offer a simple wizard that will do all of this for you with a single click, for now please follows these steps:

Reallocate client allocations using the Excel import tool

The first step is to reallocate any client allocations from the departed staff member to the new staff member. This includes the ever present Partner and Manager fields as well as any other custom staff fields you might have setup on your summary tab or workflow specific tabs.

  1. Download our Excel import tool by following these steps, be sure to choose the option with data.
  2. As you are looking to update existing clients you need to retain the UniqueID values in column A - this is really important because it tells the system to update the client as opposed to making a new one.
  3. Firstly you should delete the data (not the column itself or the headers, just the actual data in the cells) for all other columns asides from A (UniqueID) and any columns that you are looking to change (i.e. the partner/manager and custom staff fields). This avoids the risk of accidentally changing data in the system, for example after you download the data a user might have updated an address or the system may have automatically created jobs and rolled forward trigger dates. If you do not delete this data in the spreadsheet then when you re-import the sheet you will change the data back accidentally. A blank cell is ignored, the Excel import tool will not delete data.
  4. Now find the initials of the departed staff member in the columns you are looking to change and update them to be the initials of the new staff member. Excel's Find and replace function will work nicely here. To ensure you do not accidentally change the row headers or Unique IDs you should tick the Match entire cell contents box and for further control you should first highlight the cell range you are looking to update and select Within: Selection (this will default to Sheet, meaning the entire spreadsheet).
  5. Save the spreadsheet and re-import again following the guidance on this article.
  6. This will update the client fields. It will also update linked job positions on any active jobs and, for jobs where a job position is updated, the system will also update the job holder where the departing staff member was the current job holder. Quite often, this step alone will remove all the departing team member from all positions on active jobs and leave them with no jobs held. You only therefore need step 2 where they have been allocated into job positions or set as the job holder manually - i.e. not from a linked client field.
Update job positions and the job holder for any jobs where this was not linked to a client field

It is possible your departed staff member might still be in job positions or be the job holder on active jobs, this would happen where the job position was not set by reference to a client field, we need to change this. Follow these steps:

  1. You will need to repeat this for each workflow system where the departed user is in a job position or is the job holder. You can see which jobs the departed staff member is holding by looking on their profile at the 'jobs held' tab, you get to the profile by clicking on their name or initials where ever you see them.
  2. Click on the workflows menu and the jobs report. E.g. if you have a workflow system called Accounts you would click on Accounts jobs.
  3. Click Reset filters to ensure you have no filters set, this will now show all active jobs.
  4. Use the bulk staff allocation tool (guidance here) to change the job holder to the new staff member where it is currently the departed staff member. A few key things to remember:
    1. Make sure you set the Where dropdown to the departed staff member otherwise you will change all active jobs!
    2. If you are worried you may forget to set the Where dropdown then first filter the jobs using the filters first.
  5. If you have job positions that do not inherit a value from a client field on job creation and therefore were not updated in step 1 then you can use this tool to reallocate them in bulk.
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