How to import or update clients using the Excel import tool.

You can import/create or update clients in bulk using the Excel import tool, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly note you need to be a superuser to use the import tool.
  2. Click on the Config menu.
  3. Click on Import clients.
  4. Click on the link to download spreadsheet - if you are importing new clients then use the Empty spreadsheet link, if you wish to update existing clients in bulk then you may choose to use the Spreadsheet with data link.
  5. This will download the spreadsheet to your device, note that the spreadsheet is an Excel file (not a csv file) and you should keep the file in this format for the import to work.
  6. Enter data into the spreadsheet and save the changes. There is a YouTube video and PDF guidance document available on the import clients page, we would recommend you watch and read these resources to make sure you can make full use of the import capabilities.
  7. Click on the I have completed the spreadsheet. Continue to next step button.
  8. Click on the Select completed spreadsheet button, find the file on your device and click open.
  9. Assuming the system detects new clients or changes to existing clients you will see a preview of the data (for UK users this will not currently show data that will be obtained from Companies House). If you wish to make changes click Cancel otherwise you can click Confirm spreadsheet import. At this point data will be imported into the system.
  10. You will then see the data that has been imported, for UK users now including data obtained from Companies House. You can optionally click on Create jobs to bulk create jobs, this is recommended where you have imported dates to trigger fields that will give rise to past auto creation dates.
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