What is an alert and when do they send?

An alert allows you to trigger the sending of a message (via e-mail, SMS, webhook) the contents of which are created using a template which can marge in recipient, client and job data.

Alerts can be sent:

  • Internally to a specific user.
  • Internally to the occupant of a job position.
  • Externally to the e-mail address in the relevant client field.
  • Externally to linked contacts (again finding the relevant client field) based on a custom tagging system (allows for multiple recipients).

Alerts can be trigger any number of calendar days before or after:

  • The job date.
  • Any deadline.
  • The actual date for any job stage e.g. Date info requested.
  • The target date for any job stage e.g. Target start date.

Alerts can be filtered to only send:

  • Where a deadline has not been completed (trigger date has to be relative to a deadline).
  • Where the job is incomplete.
  • Where the job is on a set stage, not yet on a set stage, beyond a set stage.
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