How to auto progress a job when an alert is sent (Using Zapier)

See the video below for a detailed live example of how to do this and more explanations of the situations in which you may wish to do so.

A typical example (covered in the video) is where you have set up stages such as Send 1st chaser, Send 2nd chaser, Send 3rd chaser etc etc AND you are sending these chaser e-mails via Glide's alerts (as opposed to workflow actions).  If you are happy to progress jobs by clicking the blue progress button (which can be done in bulk for jobs on the same stage) then the job will progress and the e-mail will be generated by the workflow action.

Sending via an alert is more automated because the e-mail will send automatically without you needing to do anything BUT alerts can not progress jobs. This solution makes it possible for the sending of an alert to also progress a job.

Follow these steps:-

  1. Firstly set up a new Zap which is triggered by the Zapier webhook app. Copy the URL that is provided by the Zap.
  2. Click on the Config menu (Superuser access required).
  3. Add the URL to the Glide webhook trigger for e-mail generation, guidance found here.
  4. Trigger the sending of a test e-mail. Rather than waiting for the next alert to trigger it will be quicker to temporarily add a progress button to your workflow that sends the very same template (really important to select the same template) via a workflow action. Set the button to go to and from the stage you wish the Zap to auto-progress (this is simply so that when the Zap is tested in step 7, you will see this job progress to the next stage). Either use a test/dummy client or target the message to an internal user 
  5. Back in Zapier add a filter step to your Zap:
    1. Choose Only continue if
    2. Select E-mail data Glide link (this is a field that Zapier will have extracted from the test e-mail, it identifies the template)
    3. Equals x (x being the value found in your test e-mail for the above field)
  6. Add an action step to your Zap:
    1. Use the Zapier webhook app again.
    2. Select POST.
    3. In the URL field of the template construct a URL with the following:
      • then incorporate the E-mail data Glide job ID from step 1 (click on the button to the right to select a field)
      • /take_path/
      • then enter the ID of the progress button you wish to press (these can be found in config / database codes summary). Scroll down to the relevant workflow system, then find the relevant stage that the button goes from, the progress buttons are listed in the centre of the screen below the stage they go from. You need the ID (number) for the progress button you would like the Zap to push.
      • ?key=
      • then enter your API key.
    4. Set the payload type to Xml.
    5. All other options can be ignored.
  7. Testing this stage of the Zap will attempt to progress the job you used as an example when triggering the sending of the e-mail in step 1.
  8. Save the Zap and make it live.
  9. You could now conduct another test using you temporary progress button or you can wait for the template to be sent via an alert. Remember to delete your temporary button when you no longer need it.
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