How to activate webhook triggered by e-mail generation

Glide is able to trigger the sending of information to a custom webhook whenever an e-mail message is generated in the Glide system.

To activate this follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Config menu (Superuser access required).
  2. Click on Configure webhook triggers.
  3. Scroll down until you find the on Send e-mail trigger.
  4. Click the green New button below.
  5. Enter your webhook URL into the pop up and click save.

Information will now be sent to the webhook whenever an e-mail is generated, this includes:

  • The date and time the message was generated.
  • The from name.
  • The from address.
  • The to address.
  • The e-mail subject.
  • The content of the e-mail in HTML format.
  • The content of the e-mail in plain text format.
  • The unique ID of the client that the e-mail relates to.
  • The unique ID of the job that the e-mail relates to (if applicable).
  • The unique ID of the e-mail template that generated the message (if applicable).
  • The unique ID Glide has assigned to the message.

Key points:-

  • The trigger occurs when a message is generated, this might be when the message is sent but you may have messages being added to a queue for manual sending.
  • The webhook will trigger even if the message sending fails, for example where the message is bounced by the receiving mail server.
  • The message will send for all e-mails generated. You will need to filter as required in your script / Zap. For example this will likely be to identify a specific template.
  • You can use this webhook service to send all of your e-mails from a different e-mail server, for example using the GMail Zapier app. You would need to deactivate sending in Glide.
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