How to bulk progress jobs.

You can progress jobs in bulk where they share a route and a current stage, this effectively presses whichever blue progress button you wish to press automatically for all relevant jobs. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Firstly note you need to be a superuser to access the bulk operations.
  2. Click on the relevant stage on the progress monitor widget. If your workflow system has multiple route variations then you must be clicking on a route specific version of the widget.
  3. This will load the jobs list and the jobs shown will all be on the same stage and route. Towards the top you will see Bulk job stage/progress operations. Click on the green Show button if it is hidden.
  4. Click on the dropdown that says Select road to take. You'll see a list of all the workflow steps that go from the current stage. Choose the appropriate step.
  5. Click on the green Progress jobs button.
  6. Click Yes on the are you sure pop up (if you are sure).
  7. The system will calculate the number of jobs that will be progressed, it is advisable to have worked this out already so you can use this to check the number. Click OK if you wish to proceed and the jobs will be updated.
  8. All workflow actions will be triggered as normal (i.e. sending e-mails, setting target dates etc) and traffic light workflow actions will also be respected meaning fewer jobs may be progressed than expected, where they hit a traffic light.
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