How to set up automated target dates.

Every stage of every job has a field to accommodate a target date, these fields can either be completed manually by users or automatically by workflow actions.

To set up workflow actions to automate target setting follow these steps:

  1. Click on the config menu (superuser required).
  2. Click on edit workflow systems.
  3. Drill into the appropriate workflow system using the pencil icon alongside the name.
  4. Click on the routes tab and find the route you wish to update. Remember that workflow actions are applied to a route so if you have multiple routes you will need to add workflow actions to each route individually.
  5. Scroll down to workflow steps. You have a special step representing the moment a job is created, a special step for when a job is taken from the pool and a step for every one of your progress buttons. Scroll to the step you wish to add the workflow action to.
  6. Click Create new action and choose either Set target date (Calendar days) or Set target date (Working days).
  7. Follow the workflow action guidance here.
  8. Click save.

This workflow action will effect all jobs (existing and new) from the second you save it; however, bear in mind that it will not effect existing jobs that have already passed the step that you have added the workflow action to. For example if you add a workflow action to the job creation step this will not create a target date on jobs that have already been created.

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