Workflow action: Send an e-mail using a template

This workflow action allows you to send an e-mail internally or externally based upon a message template.

There are two settings required here:

  1. Message template: Here you can select the message template you wish to be sent. You will only see message templates linked to this specific workflow system so you may need to first create a message template.
  2. Target recipient: Here you will decide who you wish the e-mail to be sent to. Options will include:
    1. External basic search for a client e-mail.
    2. External - any of your contact tags (this is the most powerful method for external sending).
    3. Internal - any of your users.
    4. Internal - any of your active job positions.
    5. Internal - the current job holder.

You can more about setting up automated sending via workflow actions here.

Detailed notes on selecting a target recipient are available here.

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