What is the job holder?

Every job has a single job holder at any one time. If you have a workflow system with multiple sub-systems then each sub-system will have a job holder.

The user occupying the job holder should be the person that is most responsible for completing the current stage of the job.

In any of Glide's dashboard widgets or reports that all looking to convey information about how busy one user is compared to another we shall be looking at the number of jobs each user is holding (i.e. jobs where they are the job holder). It is similar to the concept of a to do list, although depending upon how your Glide system is configured you may hold jobs before anything can be done and also whilst the next action has to be undertaken by the client. In the latter case it is still good to be the job holder as you are likely responsible for chasing up the client.

The initials of the job holder are shown on the job card to the right of the current stage description (by default towards the top right corner of the screen). They are both a filter and a column in the results of the various jobs reports (i.e. those available in the workflows menu). You'll see reference to the job holder pop up in various other reports too.

The job holder concept is very different to that of job positions. Job positions allow multiple users (up to 16) to be linked to a job. You link users so that they can see more relevant information on their dashboards and also to make it easier to set them as the job holder; however, being in a job position does not imply that the user should be working on the job right now -  this is the role of the job holder.

To read all about how to change the job holder, both automatically by configuring workflow actions and manually on the job card, read this article.

There are various ways to see the jobs that yourself or another user is holding, e.g:

  • Add any of the widgets starting 'Jobs held......' to your dashboard to see the jobs you are holding. Where the widget name includes '+ group jobs' the widget will include jobs that are held by a team in which you are a member.
  • Click on the menu labelled with your name and then profile. Click on the tab Jobs held to see the jobs you are holding.
  • Click on another users initials wherever you see them to access their profile, again click on Jobs held to see the jobs they are holding.
  • Click on the workflows menu and any of the [System name] jobs reports to see a list of jobs. These reports include the ability to filter by the current job holder and the results will be default include a column showing the current job holder.
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