What is a job field in Glide?

You can create any number of custom job fields inside a workflow system (strictly inside a sub-system) and you can then include them on one or multiple workflow routes.

Generally speaking Job fields can be completed at any time, they do not form part of the workflow stages. They are a good way to replicate a checklist where there is uncertainty as to when a task will be completed (i.e. in what order) as discussed here.

Job fields provide custom field capabilities that are 'per job', that is to say you create a field that will appear on each and every job card. They appear in a box below the list of stages which by default is on the left hand side but which can be re-positioned.

Field types include:

Date Date fields will provide a date picker so you can store dates. As all entries into any job field are logged and the initials shown alongside the field, date fields do a good job of providing checklist functionality. This is discussed further in this article.
String (short) This provides a text field that is capped at 20 characters. The benefit of using the shorter field is that it can appear as both a filter and a result column in the jobs report.
String (long) This provides a text field of unlimited length. These fields can not appear as a filter nor a result column in the jobs report.
Currency This provides a number field with 2 decimal places.
E-mail address This will store an e-mail address, clicking on the e-mail address will launch the devices default e-mail program.
Website This will store a website, clicking on the website will launch a new browser tab and navigate to the address in the field.
Number This will store a whole number.
Boolean This will offer yes and no options.
Job Position   This allows you to display and change the current occupant of a the client partner.managers fields, any job position or the current job holder.
Staff This offers a drop down of users on the Glide system.
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