How to get the min and max stage order to make visible.

In the workflow editor on the summary tab, you will see a setting called Min and Max stage orders to make visible. You can enter a value for the minimum and maximum.

This is a mechanism to allow you to filter out jobs on one or more early and latter stages in a workflow from certain key reports relating to jobs held:

  • All the jobs held widgets.
  • The jobs held tab on the staff profile screen.

This is for scenarios such as where you may have hundreds of personal tax jobs creating on the 1st of April. If you do not filter out the stage using this setting and if the workflow is set to be held by a user on job creation then that user will have their jobs held widgets flooded by tax jobs. This allows you to keep the user as the holder (potentially useful for reporting, message templates etc) without flooding the widgets.

The value you enter corresponds to the order value of the stages so if you wish to filter out your first 2 stages and they have order values of say 5 and 10, you could enter 10 as your minimum setting (the setting is inclusive of the value you enter).

Note that you do not need to use this filter to filter out jobs that are completed, i.e. that have reached a completion stage, these will automatically be filtered out of all dashboard reporting.

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