Is the Companies House deadline updated when year end extended very close to the deadline?

Our deadline calculation does not cater for the scenario where the new deadline (following a year end change) is less than 3 months from the current date meaning you get minimum 3 months.

We have looked at this previously and considered offering of a date field to accept a 'date extended' date which would then have an impact on the calculations, we decided this created too much risk that other deadlines could be inadvertently changed, for the limited cases it effects it did not seem to be worth the risk. Some Glide users create a date field on the jobs to hold say 'extended deadline' as an alternative.

To create a date field to hold a user configurable deadline follow these steps. This would be visible on the job card, on the jobs reporting area (workflows menu) and also available in the Glide jobs report writer allowing you to create reports that highlight jobs with unusual deadlines.

I appreciate you may wonder whether we can just copy the deadline from Companies House. Unfortunately the Companies House API data is not currently sophisticated enough as Glide is doing more than simply replicating the data shown at Companies House. The Companies House data isn't multi job and so just offers one deadline at any one time. Compared to a potential scenario in Glide of having say an overdue set and the current job or simply two jobs active, you can't reliably use the API for this purpose. They are improving the API at the moment and hopefully in the future we can offer an ongoing integration that would seek to update the deadline in this situation.

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