Does Glide show the 1st year Companies House deadline? [UK only]

Yes it does.

If you are using the Glide Accounts & CT template that is pre-loaded onto all UK systems then you should see a job field entitled '1st Year? (for CH deadline)'.

Where you use the Companies House lookup to create a client, either on the New Client screen or by entering the Company number on the Excel import tool then the system will accurately set this based on the information at Companies House.

If you do not use the Companies House lookup then the field will default to yes where the system detects that the job is the first on the Glide system for that client and to no in all other circumstances. Of course if this assumption is wrong, e.g. if you take on a new client that was incorporated years ago, you can manually set this using the drop down.

Where this is set to yes the system will, using the incorporation date on the Glide system (also obtained via the Companies House link where used) calculate the deadline using the special first year rules. Please note that where the incorporation date is missing, and the job is set to first year rules, the deadline will default to 3 months after the year end this is design ed to draw attention to the deadline so that you can rectify the 1st year setting or incorporation date well ahead of the deadline.

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