How to report based upon teams not users.

Several reports can be team orientated as opposed to user orientated. This may be helpful where you wish to see the jobs held by all the members of a team to assess the capacity of the team and also to see those jobs that are literally held by the team (as opposed to any one user). The latter setup is useful where teams work together to progress jobs and do not explicitly allocate a job to one user or another.

The following report/widgets are or can be team orientated:

[System name] Jobs:

The following filters on the main jobs report can refer to teams:

  • The job position filter(s) such as manager, preparer etc (primary filters) will list teams as options. Selecting a team will return any jobs where the client is managed by a member of the team.
  • The job holder filter(s) (secondary filters) will list teams as options. Selecting a team will return both those jobs that are held by a member of the team and those jobs that are directly held by the team itself.
  • Where you have the holder column visible in the results this will show the team name where the job is held by the team.

Jobs held widgets/profile tab:

Each of the jobs held widgets also has a version that is names in the same way but with + team jobs at the end of the name. These widgets will include both jobs held by the user as well as those jobs directly held by teams in which he/she is a team member. Team jobs are highlighted with an asterix. The exact same information is shown on the user profile screen which you can access by clicking on the user's initials wherever you see them.

Team widgets:

Once you have crated a team you will see a new widget option named Team Widget - [Team name] which lists the team members, the number of jobs they are holding and the number of those jobs with a next target date within 7 days of the current date. We have plans to add extra detail to this widget soon as well as including jobs held directly by the team.


The entire Scheduler can be filtered down to only show members of a specific team. To do this use the filter at the top of the Scheduler screen. The filter will offer each team as an option and, if you have multi office enabled, offices will also be offered as a filter.

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