What is the difference between a job and a task?

Jobs are created by workflow systems, the exact conditions required for job creation and the timing thereof are covered here.

Jobs have a job card which you can access by clicking on any reference to the job that is hyperlinked (any reference to the job date or current stage is a link to the job card).

With jobs being part of your workflow system they are highly configurable and are specific to your business. They will always be on one of your stages and will always show various blue progress buttons to allow you to progress the job and/or trigger workflow actions such as setting target dates and sending e-mails. Most of the more powerful features available in Glide relate to jobs.

A task is a much simpler concept, this is where one user creates a task for another user to complete. Tasks simply carry a description and progress through a series of fixed statuses. The main benefits of including tasks within Glide are that all users have visibility over all tasks in the firm, tasks can be filtered by partner and manager via the 'Our tasks' screen in the menu dropdown and tasks can be linked to both clients and job, which will mean they appear on the respective client and job cards.

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