How to copy a dashboard to another user.

To copy an existing dashboard to another user you should first save the dashboard as a template (guidance notes for creating template dashboards are found here).

You can then follow these steps to copy the dashboard:

  1. Click on the Config menu (superuser access required).
  2. Click on Dashboard management.
  3. At the top of the page you will see a list of template dashboards.
  4. Alongside the dashboard you wish to copy click on the Select target user dropdown and choose the user you wish to copy the dashboard to.
  5. You can leave the 2nd drop down selection as Next available empty dashboard if you wish to copy this to the target user's next dashboard. For example if a user has two dashboards already, this will become their third. Alternatively select a dashboard number if you would like to populate a particular dashboard. Choosing a dashboard number will replace any dashboard/widgets currently occupying that slot.
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