How to denote a client field as holding the e-mail address/mobile number for e-mail/SMS sending purposes.

When Glide sends e-mail/SMS messages to a client or contact it shall need to know which field holds the e-mail address/phone number you wish to use. Only 1 field for email and 1 field for SMS can be designated as being relevant for this purpose. By default, in a new Glide system, the E-mail 1 field found on the client summary tab is designated for Email sending and the Mobile field for SMS.

Once designated, these fields will also appear on the 'Contacts' tab on the client card, where they shall show the contact information for linked contacts.

To set/change the field you should do the following:

  1. Click on the Config menu (Superuser access required).
  2. If you are updating a field that appears on the summary tab click on Edit additional client fields and jump to step 5 in these notes. If you are updating a field that appears on a workflow system tab of the client card click on Edit workflow systems.
  3. Drill into the appropriate workflow system by clicking on the pencil icon alongside the name.
  4. Click on the Custom client fields tab.
  5. Click on the pencil icon alongside the field you wish to update.
  6. In the data store tag dropdown select E-mail or Mobile if you would like the field to be used for e-mail/SMS purposes. If you are de-selecting a field then change the setting back to (not tag linked). Ensure there is only ever 1 field tagged as e-mail, the system will ignore any duplicate tags.
  7. Click Save.

If you need to create a new field first, then follow these steps. E-mail addresses should be held in the field type 'Email address'.

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