Workflow action: Ignore another workflow action on a type of client

This workflow action allows you to tell the system not to apply another workflow action that is setup on the same step, for certain client types.

This is currently compatible with UK based Glide systems and you can choose from any of the UK client types. For multiple client types you would set up multiple workflow actions. There is also an option Not 1, 2, 5, 7 which means that you would ignore an action where the client is not a Ltd Co, PLC, LLP or Charity Company - effectively any client likely to have Companies House filing requirements.

The selection you need to make are:

  1. The workflow action to be ignored: This will list all other workflow actions that exist on the same step.
  2. Client type to ignore on: Choose the client type(s) for which you would like the system to ignore the above workflow action.
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