Workflow action: Traffic light (Field completed)

Traffic light workflow actions allow you to block a progress button until certain criteria are met. In this case you can block until a specified field has been completed.

Whilst the field has not been completed the progress button will be greyed out and a red message will direct the user to the field they need to complete.

A few points to bear in mind when using this:

  • The dropdown where you select the field will offer you all job fields that exist in that sub-system. Do make sure that the field has been added to the relevant route so that users can populate it when they need to.
  • For boolean job fields any value (Yes or No) will allow job progress, there are different traffic lights that block specifically on Yes or No.
  • Adding this traffic light for a date field can be a nice way to create a checklist style feature, the date entered would indicate when it was completed and all job fields display the initials of the user that completed them. You would add the traffic light at the point in the workflow where you would not allow further progress before this has been completed.
  • For checklists style items where Not applicable is a valid answer see the traffic light (Field completed or tickbox set).
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