How to block progress on a job that has no preparer set

Job fields by default can be completed at any time during the course of a job or even left incomplete.

There may be instances where you require a job field to be completed no later than a certain point in the workflow. A frequent example of this is where you are allocating a staff member to a job position (e.g. the preparer position that is set up on all the Glide templates) and need to ensure the position is allocated before a certain point.

Typically this might be before you can progress beyond a stage such as 'To start job'. This helps to ensure that all jobs that are 'in progress' have a preparer and therefore are appearing on a users dashboard in the jobs held list.

Follow these steps to set this up:

  1. Click on the Config menu (superuser required).
  2. Click on Edit workflow systems.
  3. Drill into the relevant workflow system by clicking on the pencil icon.
  4. Click on the workflow routes tab.
  5. Scroll down to the route you wish to update and further to the workflow steps.
  6. Next find the progress button you wish to be blocked until your field has been completed. Workflow actions such as traffic lights are applied to a progress button (not a stage) so if you have multiple progress buttons that go from this stage you may need to add a traffic light workflow action to each. Click on the blue Create New Action button alongside the relevant progress button.
  7. Choose the action type Traffic light (Field completed).
  8. In the 2nd drop down choose the field you require to be completed, e.g. Preparer.
  9. Click Save.

This traffic light will immediately take effect, including on all existing jobs.

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