Widget - My tasks

The My tasks widget lists tasks that have been assigned to you in the Glide system. Remember not to confuse tasks with jobs, tasks are very simply, ad-hoc reminders to do things. They are not the stages of your workflow systems.

The My tasks widget shows the following:

  • Stage: This will either be New, Read, In progress, Done (To verify), Completed or Rejected.
  • Assigned by: Shows the initials of the user that assigned the task to you.
  • Created: Shows the date the task was created.
  • Due: Shows the deadline set on the task.
  • To go: Shows the number of days remaining before the deadline.
  • Com: Shows the number of comments that have been added to the task.
  • View: Is a link to view the task page.

This widget is a list and so can be resized using the + and - icons, this allows you to make the list longer or shorter.

The My tasks widget contains buttons that allow you to create a new task or to link to your personal tasks list.

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