How to apply tags to a contact.

To apply a tag to a contact you should first ensure that the contact tag exists, follow these steps if you need to create a new tag.

You can either apply tags individually or in bulk using our Excel import tool, both options are discussed below. Both methods can be used to 'Self tag' a client, this is where you tag a client without linking a contact.

Apply tags individually:

  • Navigate to the client card for the appropriate client. So for example if you wish to be sending messages in relation to VAT returns for Smiths & Co Limited, you would need to navigate to the Smiths & Co Limited client card.
  • Click on the contacts tab which is found along the top of the client card.
  • You will see a list of contacts that are linked to your client. If you need to link a new contact click on the green Add contact button.
    • If adding a new contact choose to either Add existing contact/individual or Create new one. You can choose from a complete list of all humans on your system, i.e. a combined list of your individual clients (note: not sole traders) and any other contacts that have already been created. Be careful to ensure any one contact only exists once on the Glide system to avoid duplication.
    • If adding a new contact you can also include a Connection note to describe the relationship between this client and contact.
    • If adding a new contact you can include the 1st tag at this point too, though they are easy to add once you have saved as described below.
  • Once your contact is correctly linked you can then apply multiple tags by clicking on the Add tag button which is found to the far right of the row. This will open a dropdown and you can click on any tag to add it.

Apply tags in bulk:

To bulk apply tags you can use our Import links/relationships tool which is an Excel based import tool. You can not import new contacts here (these can be imported through the main Excel import tool as client type 500). Here you can set up the links between contacts and clients along with the connection note. You can also apply up to 4 tags at a time.

This PDF document describes how to use the import tool.



If you wish to see which clients have contacts linked to them and whether they have a certain tag applied you can export all of this using our Client query engine tool.

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