Delete cookies in Chrome

On occasions you may wish to delete the cookies that the Glide system has stored in your browser or you may be directed to do so by Glide support.

It is beneficial for you to be able to delete only cookies relating to the Glide site, this avoids any impact on other sites you use.

To delete cookies for the Glide site only in the Google Chrome browser follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 3 dots towards the top  right corner of the Chrome window.
  2. Click on Settings (this will open a new tab with the settings menu).
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced.
  4. Scroll  down and click on Content settings.
  5. Click on Cookies.
  6. Click on See all cookies and site data.
  7. In the Search cookies box type whatsglide
  8. Click on the dustbin icon to delete the cookies associated with the site, you may see an entry for both and, delete both.

This will log you out of the Glide system but will not forget your log in information, should you have stored this.

Glide stores several settings in cookies, including but not limited to the following information:

  • Any filters you have selected in the jobs reports, they will be stored and automatically selected when you return to the screen. This is useful where you select filers and then click on a particular job, you can use the back button and the filters will remain selected.
  • Which filter level you last viewed the Scheduler as, for example a particular office or team.
  • Whether at a user level you have hidden any result rows from the jobs reports.
  • The fact that you have successfully logged in.
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