How to control whether an E-mail or SMS template is sent immediately or is queued.

All messages (both SMS and e-mail) that are created by the Glide system can either be sent immediately (the system sends these every 5 minutes) or added to a queue for sending later.

If you queue a message then you can review it later to:

  • Check and send at a time to suit you.
  • Make manual adjustments and then send e.g. to add personalisations.
  • Cancel sending.

Whether a message is sent or queued depends upon your master setting and if applicable a template specific setting. To view and change the master setting follow these steps:

  1. Click on the menu labelled with the firm name. This is in the blue menu bar just to the left of the Workflows menu.
  2. Click on the Messaging Centre option. If you can't see this check this setting.
  3. You shall see 3 tabs across the screen; Messaging Centre, Options and Template Editor. Click on Options.
  4. At the top you will see E-mail settings, scroll down and you will either see Your e-mails are set to be sent immediately OR Your e-mails are set to be queued before sending -> if sending immediately you can click on the Pause icon to switch to queueing and if queueing you can click on the Play icon to switch to sending.
  5. Further down the screen you will see SMS Settings which has an identical setting.

These master settings control all e-mails and SMS sent unless you have a specific setting for a template. If you have a specific setting then this will always override the master setting.

To view, remove or change a template specific setting follow these steps:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 as above.
  2. Click on Template editor.
  3. Alongside each template you will see Rules, if no rule is currently set then you will see one button labelled Always Send and one button labelled Always Queue. You can push either of these buttons to create a rule for this template. Where ever this template is deployed, e.g. in workflow actions or alerts, the message will send or queue in accordance with this rule as opposed to the master setting.
  4. Where a rule already exists for a template you will see the rule and also a button to remove the rule.
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