How to search clients in Glide via Zapier

A Zap may well be triggered by a program that knows a client code or client e-mail address but not the unique Glide ID of a client. Many of Glide's Zapier actions require you to provide a client's unique Glide ID, this search capability allows you to search for the Glide ID using either an e-mail address or client code.

This document confirms how the action step searches.

E-mail address supplied:

Where an e-mail address is supplied the system will first search for a client that has this e-mail address in the e-mail field on the client's own record. Only one e-mail field will be searched, this will be the field tagged as being the e-mail address. See this article to check your field is correctly tagged.

If a client is found then this client will be returned to the Zap, only one client can be returned to the Zap and this will be the first client that matches.

If no clients are found then the system will also search contacts, should a contact be found with the e-mail address in the appropriate field then the system shall return the ID of the client they are associated with. The search can only return a single client ID and this will be the first associated client that is found.

Client code supplied:

Where a client code is supplied to the Zap then the system will search for an exact match and return the ID of the matching client to the Zap. In this case there can be no duplicated because the client code values have to be unique across the Glide system.

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