How to create a new fee info entry

Fee info fields offer a standardised method to record the fee arrangements you have with your clients from which Glide offers both standard reports along with inclusion in the report writers. You can read more about the concept here.

To add a new fee info entry follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate client card (e.g. by using the search ox towards the top right corner of the screen).
  2. Click on the Fee info tab on the left side of the client card.
  3. Scroll down to the appropriate workflow system, where you have more than one trigger field (typically representing a job frequency) you will also need to select the trigger that the fee info relates to. For example you would need to specify whether you are charging for monthly or quarterly management accounts so that the system can accurately calculate the job's fee value.
  4. Click on the green Set button. Enter the fee value and click the blue OK button.
  5. If the default frequency is not correct click on the blue Edit freq button. Change the frequency and click the blue OK button. The frequency options are:-
    1. Monthly
    2. Yearly
    3. Weekly
    4. Daily
    5. Quarterly
    6. One off (does not relate to a Glide job nor contribute to annualised fee value reporting, just for projected billing report)
  6. If you plan to use the projected billing report then set the reference date to the 1st date you will bill the client. Click the blue Edit Ref Date button, change the date and then click the blue OK button.

The fee info now exists and will be included in all reporting. All jobs created from this point onwards will have fee info data automatically.

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