What is fee info fields

Fee info fields allow you to store information about the fee arrangements you have with your client. This information feeds through to both standard reports within Glide such as the Projected Billing report and is also available in the Glide report writer where you can build custom reports.

You can monitor the practice-wide recurring revenue base as well as analyse this by staff members and service lines. If you use the Glide Time then the projected billing report will compare your expected fees to the actual bills raised, acting as a strong billing control.

Recording data:

When entering fee info into Glide you enter the amount that you actually bill along with the billing frequency. This has been designed this way to facilitate easier integration with CRM and onboarding packages in the future when this module is incorporated into the Glide API, in addition to providing the necessary data for the projected billing report.

You can read how to enter fee info here.

Client v job fee info:

The fee info you enter is client data, it remains on the client record permanently until you change it.

Where fee info relates to a workflow system any jobs created will store the value of the job, this means that you can then report upon jobs including the fee earned for completion of the job. The Glide system can calculate the fee value for a job for any combination of billing frequencies and job frequencies, so for example you might record that you charge a client £1,000 annually for completion of their monthly management accounts. In this case, Glide would set each job's fee info to £83.33 (£1,000 / 12).

When using the jobs report writer you can report on and filter reports by the job's fee info.

A job's fee info is displayed on the job card at all times.


The projected billing report is a useful tool for cashflow projection purposes, it can report on the expected fee income between any two dates. Where the Glide Time module is used then it can also compare the projection to actual billing on a client-by-client basis. This report can serve as a good control to ensure that all expected billing has been billed.

Annualised fee info is available in the client report writer. There is a data point for both the annualised value of each fee info entry as well as an overall annualised fee info value for each client.

The above client data along with the job's fee info value are both available in the job's report writer.

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