How to create a charge out rate

For a user to be able to record time in the Glide Time program they need to match to at least 1 active charge out rate. Where you create client and/or workflow system specific rates then again the user will only be able to record time where they have a rate that matches the client and/or workflow system.

This might be a rate that applied to all users (i.e. where the user filter is set to All) or a rate that is specific to the specific user.

To create a new charge rate follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Config menu (you will need to be a superuser to do this).
  2. Click on System options.
  3. Click on the Time and Fees tab.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the charge rates section and click on the New rate button.
  5. Enter information for the rate:
    1. The user dropdown will default to any user which means the rate will be available to all users. If you would like the rate to apply to a single user then select the user here.
    2. The client dropdown will default to all clients, if this rate is client specific then select the client the rate applies to.
    3. The workflow system dropdown will default to all systems, if this rate is system specific then select the system the rate applies to.
    4. Against the £ sign enter the rate.
    5. In the final text box you can give the rate a description, this is helpful where multiple rates may match against the same user/client/system combination.
  6. Click save.
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