CCH Integration preparation checklist

Based upon our experience of previous CCH -> Glide integration projects we have put together some data cleansing ideas to help you optimise your integration.

Tip Data cleansing tip
1 If you plan to use the Glide manager and/or partner fields then it is of course important to ensure that the equivalent responsibility fields are accurately populated in CCH.
2 Ensure ‘No longer acting’ clients are marked accordingly to avoid unnecessarily bringing clients into Glide. Note that we do not recommend disabling recurring workflows in Glide via the connector, we recommend this is done manually so that a user can be certain client responsibilities have been completed and in case a disengagement workflow is configured.

The client type is potentially the most important part of the CCH->Glide integration.

We use the CCH field 'Contact type' to map to our client types. By default the connector is set to look for the standard 'Contact types' but you may have configured your own bespoke contact types, in this case we shall need to update the connector to map your bespoke contact types to Glide's client types.

Our default mapping is outlined at the bottom of this document.

The client type mapping sets the initial client type but this can be changed in Glide, future changes in Glide will not be overwritten by the connector.

Default contact type -> client types mapping:

Explanatory notes:

  1. The 'CT Required' default setting is used to filter clients to those that have CT filing requirements. This is only relevant where you have a CT deadline(s) that uses the filter. This is typically where you have CT deadlines on your Accounts workflow system (as opposed to a dedicated sub-system) and where the Accounts route accommodates both incorporated and unincorporated clients. In other circumstances your CT deadlines are not likely to be filtered.
  2. In a bespoke connector, we can also use this mapping to set the default 'Active' status for any number of workflow systems and also to specify the route used.
# CCH 'Contact Type' Glide 'Client Type' 'CT Required' default setting Notes
1 Other person Individual No Individuals will have a FIRST LAST name structure. All other client types have a NAME structure.
2 Other organisation Other Yes Company number is not required.
3 Limited Limited Yes By default a Company Number is required.
4 Not for profit organisation Charity No Company number is not required. If your Account flow filters your CoHse filing deadline to Ltd, PLC, LLP & Charity Company (1,2,5 & 7) then you should manually change incorporated charities to 'Charity company' once in Glide.
5 Trust Trust Yes
6 Partnership Partnership Yes
7 LLP LLP Yes By default a Company Number is required.
8 Sole trade Sole trader Yes

Please advise your Glide contact of the following information, they will then share a customised version of the CCH connector. You will need to pass this to the IT team member that is responsible for maintaining your SQL Server(s).

  • Please decide which values from the responsibilities tab you would like to be mapped into Glide and where they should be placed in Glide. This can be the main client partner, the main client manager or any custom client field of the 'staff' data type. Please bear in mind that
  • Please confirm if all active clients should be pulled into Glide. Filtering options include:
    • Filtering the one or more company IDs within CCH.
    • Filtering to one or more department IDs within CCH.
    • Filtering to only include those clients with a custom extra field set to 'Yes'.
  • Please confirm if all active users should be pulled into Glide. Filtering options include:
    • Filtering to one or more company IDs within CCH.
    • Filtering to one or more department IDs within CCH.
    • Filtering to only include those users with a custom extra fields set to 'Yes'.
  • Please confirm that the above list of 'Contact types' exist in your system and that all clients you wish to be imported are set to one of these types. Please advise of any supplementary contact types that should be incorporated.
  • Please advise which recurring workflows should be active when a new client is created via the CCH connector. This can be none if you would prefer to activate them in Glide. The connector will contact Companies House to obtain the 'Next Accounts Date' and 'Next Confirmation Statement Date', so it can be beneficial to have these flows activated on Company and LLP clients.
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