Can I write off an advance time balance?

If you have an advance time balance and wish to write it off then you will need to have at least one (or multiple) actual time or expense entries to allocate the value to.

An advance time balance means that a client has paid you money. All such value in Glide is allocated to actual time or expense entries, this allows the Glide system to accurately report upon the recoverability on a client or job and the productivity of staff members.

To remove the advance time balance enter an amount into the set value box on the advance time line. Then tick at least 1 (but as many as necessary) actual time or expense entries. See the image below:

  1. The rectangle numbered 1 shows the entry of £500 (will automatically be converted to a negative value) into the Set Value box on the existing advance time row. At this point the provisional bill total would be -£500 meaning the Generate bill button would be greyed out
  2. The rectangle numbered 2 shows the ticking of at least 1 actual time row (in this example we just have 1 row to tick). When ticked this will go green to confirm it is included on the bill. As the 'cost' of this line is £50 the provision bill total will change to -£450, meaning the generate bill button will continue to be greyed out.
  3. Finally the rectangle numbered 3 shows the entry of a Set Value into the time entry I have ticked of £500. Here we are allocating the entire value taken from the advance time entry to this one time entry. This overrides the 'cost' of £50 meaning the provisional bill total becomes £0. At this point you will be able to click the generate bill button. This will create an allocation only bill, it will remove the -£500 advance time entry from WIP as well as the £50 time entry. In a reporting/performance context, the 50 minutes of work completed by BEN on the 7th March 2017 will have a final value of £500 being a recovery rate of 1,000%. As an allocation only bill this will not be sent to Xero where the integration is active.

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