How to configure fields to appear on the addresses tab

The addresses tab appears on the client and contact cards. It allows you to link multiple addresses to a single client or contact.

You can decide what fields constitute an address. In order for the fields to appear on the addresses tab you will need to have tagged them accordingly. To do this follow the steps below.

Firstly you need to create the fields, if you already have the fields but they are not appearing on the addresses tab then you shall just need to tag the fields (step 5d):

  1. Firstly note you need to be a superuser to access the config menu.
  2. Click on the Config menu.
  3. Click on Edit additional client fields.
  4. Click on the String (long) button alongside Create new field. You could also use string short for address components that are guaranteed to be less than 20 characters long (e.g. the post code / ZIP code), the benefit here is that reporting etc will be slightly quicker when searching for limited length fields.
  5. Add a field for each address component you require, as follows:
    1. Name holds the field name as you want it to appear on the addresses tab.
    2. Visibility (by type) you would leave as All clients in this case.
    3. Visibility (list) leave as Both.
    4. Data store tag is the important setting that will make your fields appear on the addresses tab. The following tabs are address tags; Address line 1, Address line 2, Address line 3,  City, Post Code, Country, County/region.
    5. Order sets the order the fields appear in (see note 1 below).
    6. Click save.

Important note: Historically the address fields have appeared on the summary tab of the client card just like other fields. Client feedback was that this limited you to 1 address per client (unless you created multiple fields) and that it would be preferable to have multiple addresses. By adding an address via the addresses tab you can now have multiple addresses per client; however, these fields do still appear on the summary tab. We shall be removing fields tagged as address fields from the summary tab soon, we are first assisting clients in transferring the data to the new style addresses.

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