Setup Single Sign On (SSO) with MS Entra

Before starting this process please contact Glide support and we will arrange a secure upload link for you to provide the requested details.

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'Microsoft Entra ID'
  3. Click 'App registrations'
  4. Click 'New registration'
  5. Name: Enter 'Glide'
  6. Supported account types: Choose "Accounts in this organizational directory only" (Single Tenant)
  7. Choose a sub-domain. For example, if you firm were called 'Super Accountants Limited' then you might go for sal - this can not include any period characters.
  8. Please confirm your requested choice of subdomain with us before proceeding.
  9. Redirect URI: Enter 'https://[your sub-domain]'
  10. Click 'Register'
  11. Navigate to the newly created application which should be listed
  12. Note down the 'Application (client) ID' value.
  13. Note down the 'Directory (tenant) ID' value.
  14. Navigate to 'Certificates & secrets'
  15. Click 'Client secrets'
  16. Click 'New client secret'
  17. Enter 'ClientSecret' as the description and copy the value.
  18. Send the Application (client) ID, Directory (tennant) ID and ClientSecret to us.
  19. Navigate to 'Authentication'
  20. Set 'Front-channel logout URL' to 'https://[your sub-domain]'
  21. Select 'ID tokens' under Implicit grant and hybrid flows
  22. Navigate to 'Branding & properties'
  23. Set 'Home page URL' to ''
  24. Set 'Publisher domain' to 'https://[your sub-domain]'.
  25. Send us the JSON data needed to be hosted for validation. (Note: this is a one time verification step and we then delete the file). We will confirm when you can proceed to run the verification step.
  26. Click 'Home' in the top left of the screen
  27. Click 'Microsoft Entra ID'
  28. Click 'Enterprise applications'
  29. Click 'Glide' on the list of applications
  30. Click 'Properties'
  31. Set 'Enabled for users to sign-in' to Yes
  32. Set 'Assignment required' to Yes
  33. Set 'Visible to users' to Yes

The redirect URI limits the SSO to just the specific instance of Glide that we will configure for you. Should you wish to ever change the sub-domain that you access Glide via, then this would

need to be updated.

We will then configure your Glide instance to support SSO via Microsoft Entra ID

(formerly Azure AD).

Further steps will be required to setup users, instructions will follow once we have

setup your instance.

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